Handing your artwork to a printer isn’t always the last step. Proofing and finalizing specs often turn up issues that must be addressed before going to press. After all, you want to make sure your files are 100% accurate prior to printing 10,000 brochures. With that in mind, it’s critical that you stay fully engaged in the printing process in order to quickly fix any issues that may arise. As I like to tell marketers, when it comes to printing, expect the unexpected.

Here’s an example of a simple print job that threw a few curve balls our way:

Project: 1500, full color tri-fold brochures
Turn Time: 2 days

Upon generating a proof and handing it to the customer, a few issues came up:

  1. The artwork was not aligned properly. A tri-fold requires exact positioning in order to avoid images and copy running over to the adjacent section.
  2. There was a misspelled word in the copy.
  3. Customer didn’t quite like the positioning of a particular image. This is a common occurrence as marketing pieces often look good on a computer screen but not necessarily on a printed piece.

With a quick 2 day turn, these issues could have jeopardized a timely production. Thankfully our customer, a seasoned marketer, was able to quickly grab her designer, make the necessary changes, and get back to us within a couple hours. We produced a new proof with the new artwork and we were good to go!

As the old saying goes, “Hope for the best, plan for the worst”. Even simple projects like the one described above occasionally require a little extra effort to get it to the finish line. Be sure to stay engaged with your printer and be available to address any last minute issues. Doing so, will make for a great customer experience as well as a great looking marketing piece.

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