It’s All About Print Efficiency

OK, you’re nearing the end of the creative process and it’s time to start shopping for a good printer. You make a few calls and quickly discover that there are 2 types of commercial printers – Digital and Offset. This discovery may also be accompanied by some wild fluctuations in price and leave you a tad confused. But don’t panic, the difference between the two types of printers is an easy one and it all comes down to cost efficiency. That is to say, the most economical way to print based on quantity.

Let’s say you’re looking to print a 2-sided flyer on 100 lb coated stock. As you’ll see below, offset production becomes more attractive as quantities increase.

Quantity – 500
Digital Printer Cost – 150.00
Cost Efficiency – .30 each
Offset Printer Cost – 300.00
Cost Efficiency – .60 each

Quantity – 5000
Digital Printer Cost – 1500.00
Cost Efficiency – .30 each
Offset Printer Cost – 1000.00
Cost Efficiency – .20 each

As you can plainly see, smaller quantities achieve a lower cost per unit on the digital while offset wins on the higher. Now, it’s not always about cost efficiency but when faced with these price differences there may be an acceptable range of specs to justify going with the best cost per unit.

I hope this brief explanation will help you find the right printer for your job.  If not, give us a call and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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