Try some printing due diligence, couldn’t hurt

Looking for a new printer?  Simple enough, right?  After all, you’re a marketing professional, and marketing pros like you can locate anything they need in an instant. Google>>Commercial Printer>>2-3 Local Results. You place a couple of calls to make sure they can produce the marketing piece you need, maybe get a quick quote, and your decision is made. Well done. The only problem is that while an efficient search saves you time, it doesn’t always get you to an efficient commercial printer, and in commercial printing, efficiency is everything. Now, it’s possible that you’ll have a good experience. After all, you did confirm that they have the capability to produce your item, but just because a printer can print your item, it doesn’t necessarily ensure they will do so in an efficient and economic manner.

Let’s say you need 1500 brochures printed. You call that top search result and they say “Sure, come on by, we’ll knock those out for you.” But how do you know this is the best way to print these? Did they walk you through the production method? Did they give you options? Did they mention a time frame? If so, great. If not, there’s a chance they’re forcing your job into their equipment. It will get done and it may look great but as someone working with budgets, it may not be at the price point you would prefer.

This was a very basic example but a good reminder that there are many, many ways to print and many, many printers willing to service you. Make sure you do a little printing due diligence. Ask some questions and be sure to feel comfortable with them before handing them your important project. You deserve straight answers, go get ‘em.

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