Print marketing objectives are often overlooked, taking a backseat to more glamorous channels like TV or radio. But as print marketing continues to be an effective form of lead generation and customer retention, marketing professionals must actively manage annual spend in order to maximize return. As we have years of experience producing print marketing material, let me share with you 3 common objectives:

Simple Return on Investment

– Are your print marketing efforts generating enough business to justify the cost? For example, if you are spending $20,000 for a direct mail campaign to generate new customers, and driving in annual revenue of $15,000, this may not be the best means of customer acquisition for you. However, before scrapping this campaign, be sure to include not only first order revenues but potential Lifetime Value of these new acquisitions. If your company is operating efficiently, I’m sure they will be back for more.

Production Experience

– How’s the interaction with your printer? When a project goes into production he should be taking steps to ensure timeliness and quality. Is he taking those steps? Is he explaining the steps to you? Does he remind you that any delay in proofing may result in a longer production time? Make sure you are experiencing pleasant communications and explanations. This customer-centric interaction will make the experience that much better.

Sharp, Clean, Quality Results

– At the end of the day, your print material must look good. Otherwise, it reflects poorly on your brand, your efforts, and ultimately on you. After each project, take a moment to review the production process and end result. Did it meet your expectations? Does it have all of the specifications that were discussed? Is it packaged right? If there was a fulfillment aspect, was it accurate. A successful print job has many variables that must be met and exceeded for you to have a great customer experience. Always be working towards that goal and make sure your printer is too.

Of course there are many other objectives that play a role in maximizing return on print spend but these have always been some of the larger ones. If you pay attention to these and constantly work to improve them, your print marketing material will drive more traffic, revenue, and retention. After all, that’s what we are all striving to do.

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