So the other day, a customer was inquiring about potential promotional items for an upcoming trade show. After offering some suggestions, they decided to go with a clear, branded stadium bag. They requested a price for 500 with a one color imprint.

This was our proposal:

QTY 500 clear, branded stadium bags with a one color imprint – $2000 total/$4 each
QTY 750 clear, branded stadium bags with a one color imprint – $2250 total/$3 each

As tends to happen, the customer asked why we added a quote for a higher quantity, I told her that we’ve been in this game a long time and more times than not, a higher quantity can prove very valuable.

1. You DO NOT want to run out. These are key promotional items for an event and no matter how scientifically you’ve formulated quantities, you never know what might happen. People take more than one, more people than expected show up, the hotel loses on of the boxes – a myriad of unstoppable events may happen and when they do, you can rest easy with the additional quantities.

2. Small Rush orders hurt ROI – Let’s say you run through the majority of your items in the first couple of days. Now, that’s good news that you’ve had significant traffic but bad news for customers and prospects that have not made it to your booth yet. Guess you need to RUSH order more? But due to the much lower quantity, the price per unit will be much higher and seem very unattractive. So, while you did all the math upfront, unexpected events have caused you to order more at a much higher cost per unit hurting your post show ROI analysis.

3. Production Time – Even if you say “So what, let’s just place the order for 100 and deal with the higher cost per unit later”, there simply may not be enough time to produce your items in such a small timeframe. Production lines are booked days and weeks in advance making it difficult to slide orders in between bigger ones. Someone may be able to pull it off but you better be crossing your fingers.

So go ahead, print more than you “think” you need. Yes, it is a higher total cost but compare that to the dozens of unforeseen circumstances that may gobble up your inventory faster than you anticipated. One other thing to consider is whether the item is “dated”. If not, you can always pack up the extras and use elsewhere. Take my word for it, it is better to be safe than sorry!!

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