Every year the Holiday season seems to sneak up on HR, sales, and marketing departments. As seasoned professionals, they understand the length of time it can take to produce their branded items and every day that goes by production time grows as competitors are placing their orders as well. This year, make the effort to plan ahead and place your order before it’s too late.

Let’s discuss some of the more popular seasonal items we produce:

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HR Dept. – Gifts purchased by the HR department tend to go to the employees of the company. Something that mentions a current campaign or maybe a message that reinforces overall missions and visions. The Apparel Group, who orders from us every year, recently purchased a beautiful logo’d tea set. Perfect for warm tea during the cold months. We even helped them distribute these to other locations around the country. Everyone loved the gifts and it helped to build team morale and comradery. What would your employees like to receive? Advice – it takes a while to come up with something good so start thinking about it now.

Sales and Marketing Dept. – Ah, what should we get our top accounts? How about our smaller accounts? Prospects? Certainly customer segmentation plays a large role here but no matter who gets what, impact is the name of the game. We have you covered across the price point spectrum. For smaller customers and prospects to million dollar accounts, simply visit our site to narrow down your choices. Need some help? Call us for easy, professional guidance – 972-661-9899

End of the year trophies – Now these can be purchased by anyone in the company wishing to reward their top earners and performers. It can be something as simple as a plaque or something unique such as an engraved wine bottle (with wine inside!) that messages his or her accomplishment. There are literally thousands of awards to choose from. Have a price target? Call us for guidance.

Heed my alert! The longer you wait, the longer the production time gets. End the year with great gifts, on time, and looking fabulous! Recipients will love them and the sense of team/partnership they illicit.

Some of the most trusted brands trust their printing to Presslink.

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