I know, when you think of a traditional commercial printer you probably conjure up images of big presses, loud noises, and the production of common catalogs, company stationery, flyers, etc. While these assumptions do have a degree of accuracy, a new era of commercial printer has arrived, one that can provide traditional “ink on paper” products as well as other critical marketing collateral. In the past, print buyers have had to seek out and find multiple printers for their needs. One printer for ink on paper, one for branded apparel, and one for large format (signage or trade show). Now, they are able to partner with a printer that can provide ALL of these services under one roof. What’s more is that they can also store and fulfill these items as well. Let me give you an example of this new, customer focused model:

We were recently contacted via search by a large Dallas based company. They were inquiring about the production of 5000 branded USB drives. We gave them an aggressive quote, tight turn, and a great product. Upon following up with the marketing director, we learned that they had other print projects but assumed all we could provide them with was branded promotional products. When we explained that we could provide any manner of business print with the same great customer service they just experienced, she was ecstatic. Of course, the transition was not overnight but in the end, all of their printed products are now produced by us and they could not be happier. Brand consistency, lower costs, and dedicated personnel are just some of the benefits described by this particular customer.

Traditional commercial printers are abundant and they do a great job but unfortunately, their services are limited to one product type. Seek out a printer that can handle all of your needs, or I can save you some time and give you our number. We just happen to be the companywide printer you may be looking for. Call us at 972-661-9899 and we can discuss how to transition plan.

Some of the most trusted brands trust their printing to Presslink.

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