While marketing strategies are always changing, print marketing remains one of the key elements to successful lead generation. As such, print spend, print procurement, and print quality are three areas that require ongoing analysis to determine what’s working, what’s not, and what can work better. As a print management company, we have modeled our services to improve upon these sometimes mundane and inefficient commercial print processes in order to help companies perform better. Below, I’ll demonstrate how we can save you time, money, and headaches.

While reducing price is not always a factor, we realize that it’s a common concern. There are many ways a print manager can help reduce your print spend but for this post, I will focus on our ability to expertly recommend altered specs and production facilities to meet your goals. Let’s say you’ve been printing a semi-annual catalog for the last 5 years but now you’ve been charged with bringing the costs down on the next one. A typical printer would make some suggestions but unfortunately they are restricted by the equipment they have on the floor leading to minimal options. At Presslink, we have several dozen Dallas area facilities that are capable of just about any spec imaginable. We’ll apply these capabilities to your job and configure an ideal way to meet your budgetary goals while still providing a quality catalog fit for your target customers.

Now, let’s discuss print procurement. What’s your process for finding and ordering different areas of print such as catalogs vs. promotional items vs. packaging? Most marketing folks have a different vendor for all of these. That’s not an indictment but there is a better way. How about one vendor for all of these as well as large format, trade show, and labeling. Yes, it’s true, we provide a one stop shop for all of these categories and more. Providing all variants of print allows us to bring you efficiency, consistency, volume pricing, and a solid partnership.

Lastly, let’s discuss print quality. While your current printer may be doing a fine job, can it be better? Are they printing on the ideal machine for your jobs? Are they providing a reliable proofing process? Do they allow press checks? All of these questions lead to the overriding question of “does your printer know what this job means to you from a marketing angle or are they simply trying to invoice you as soon as possible?” We make it a point to train all of our employees to understand that the marketing material we produce is ultimately a reflection of our customer to their customer. And as such, we need to make sure that once all proofs are approved and in the production queue, we maintain a focus on quality and timeliness. Just like your marketing material is a reflection of you, it is invariably a reflection of us as well.

As the old saying goes, “good is the enemy of great” and in the print marketing game, complacency can rear its ugly head in the blink of an eye. Take the time to analyze your current print process to determine if you’re ready for an upgrade. If so, visit www.presslink.com or call us at 972-661-9899. We’re standing by.

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