Quick, name 3 items a commercial printer provides………What did you come up with? Catalogs? Brochures? Mailers? OK, not an exhaustive list but pretty good. With a little more time, I’m sure you could come up with a few more and I’m guessing they would be similar in size and scope to your previous answers. Now, for most commercial printers that would cover about 95% of what they print but for modern, diversified print organizations, these smaller niche publications only cover 40-50% of overall production. Why the disparity? Because diversified printers have expanded their offerings to include items that folks don’t traditionally equate with a commercial printer. Items such as packaging, trade show exhibits, and promotional products. They realized that by creating a “One Stop Print Shop” they could help businesses meet their marketing goals by providing expertise, efficiency, and consistency across all business print categories.

Take a minute to think about the variety of items you need printed on an annual basis. Besides standard company stationery, which all companies use, there’s sales collateral, branded apparel, banners and posters. How about product labeling and wide format signage? Oh, and who is handling the storage and distribution of these items? Typical vendor procurement for these services can take quite a while as you search, research, and entertain quotes from various printers. Diversified printers modeled their organizations to eliminate these time consuming searches, allowing professionals to get back to doing what they do best while, at the same time, providing expert recommendations, communication, and production.

Traditional commercial printers can provide a wonderful experience but in today’s world, where efficiency is everything, they simply cannot compete with diversified printers. Take a look at your experience with print marketing and ask yourself if that experience could have been better. Could it have been easier? Could it take less time but garner better results? If the answer is yes, a diversified printer is what you need. If you would like to learn more about this new breed of printer, give us a call for a quick review of your needs. Let’s see how we can make your life just a little bit easier.

Some of the most trusted brands trust their printing to Presslink.

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