You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

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Modern commercial printing has been around a few years and the basic production logic has been that the size of the run will dictate the method used for production. Generally speaking, the larger run would go to an offset press while a shorter run would be done digitally. The offset method would look great but would have a long turn time and higher total cost. As for the digital method, results were very good, turn time was fast, and total cost was generally lower. These days however, shorter, more targeted runs are being developed by creative departments and they are looking for the print industry to accommodate these runs with great results, fast turns, and low costs – they aren’t asking for much are they? Fortunately, print technology engineers were up to the challenge and responded with some new technologies in this changing arena.

Groundbreaking advancements in the worlds of digital and offset printing have been made in recent years. One example in the digital area is the HP 30000 Indigo Press that makes it possible to digitally produce short runs in offset quality. This machine also has state of the art color matching technology and is quickly replacing many jobs that were queued for the offset press.

Not to be outdone, in the offset world, the demand for economical shorter runs led Heidelberg to develop the Anicolor offset press. This press was developed with short run costs, and short run turn times, in mind. The advanced inking unit reduces waste by up to 90%, cuts the make ready time in half and delivers the offset quality Heidelberg is known for at very reasonable prices.

So as the title suggests, you can teach an older industry new tricks to keep up with changing demands. These machines along with others are changing the way sales and marketing departments approach print advertising. So take advantage of these new machines and make your next project WOW your target audience.

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