Get Control of your Print Spend!

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It’s that time of year again. Time to create budgets for 2016 including allocations for print and promotional products or “print spend” as we like to call it. As you mull over reports and analyze your 2015 print expenses, be sure to take some time to consider a better, more efficient way to manage your commercial printing needs. Specifically, how can you leverage your total annual print spend into real savings.

As you conduct your 2015 analysis, you probably see that your print spend was allocated to some pretty varied events – from standard sales and marketing collateral, to custom t-shirts for the big sales meeting, to holiday gifts for the employees. As you dig deeper, you may find that most of these items were produced by different parties. Now, I can’t speak to your experience with all of these printers, but I can point out that had you partnered with one printer for all of these items, you surely could have received a more aggressive pricing structure.

Let me share a real life example. A large company approached us with the goal of reducing their annual print spend. They were using roughly 10 vendors a year for print, promotional, and branded apparel. They weren’t necessarily disappointed with the results but realized that by bundling their needs with a print manager, they would be able to reduce costs (and probably headaches as well). We didn’t disappoint! After a thorough review, we were able to offer a 10% savings across the board. We dedicated a team to handle their needs and even worked out some fulfillment services as well.

So as you review 2015, take the time to consider partnering with a print manager. Leverage that annual print spend, save some money, and take all the credit for a genius move!

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