What’s an E-STORE??? It’s the answer to your prayers.

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Simply put, an E-STORE is the most efficient and accurate way to manage all of your printed materials, including promotional items and apparel. It eliminates the cumbersome phone call and email requests for item availability and shipping information. It’s accessible around the clock year round and closely monitors and reports on inventory levels and distribution points, allowing companies to track their print investment.

Let’s break it down a little further with a quick example. A prospective client recently explained to us how her company was handling their printed materials inventory and fulfillment needs. The story was similar to hundreds of others we had heard in the past. After having their items printed, they would store everything in a marketing closet. The sales and marketing reps were then sent a list of available items – and chaos soon followed. Numerous employees, nationwide by the way, would call or email at all times of the day asking questions like, “Is this item still in stock?”, “Can you get this to me by tomorrow?”, and “Can you send me tracking for my shipment?” Now, as you can imagine, this led to an extremely stressful and inefficient environment which is what led her to us. We demonstrated how an E-STORE would permit approved employees to go online and personally view what was available, easily place desired items in a cart, determine where and how those items would ship and, when they were satisfied with the order, simply press “Submit Order” to complete the process. The order is then routed to us for distribution or, if she preferred, to an internal contact to complete the task. Either way, the value of an E-STORE is its ability to streamline the fulfillment process allowing you to focus on other tasks and leading to a general sense of relief. If an E-STORE sounds like something that may make your job a little easier, call us and we’ll walk you through a demo.

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