Choose a Printer that meets your needs

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Take a minute to count everything your company prints. Have a number? OK, now add everything that is not ink on paper. That includes promotional products, branded t-shirts, signage, trade show items, etc.… Pretty big number isn’t it? While these items vary in purpose they do share something in common, they are a reflection of your company and as such demand consistency, quality, and timely delivery. Effectively managing the production of these items is a time consuming job. Multiple conversations with multiple vendors can lead to wasted hours and inconsistency. Since the task of producing these items is not going away anytime soon, the focus should be on a better way to manage this process and that means finding a printer with the means to support your robust needs.

Partnering with a print management company is quite simply the best way for large companies to effectively manage all of their commercial printing needs. These companies are experts in all things print from production to logistics. The good ones even offer their customers an online e-store that captures collateral requests from sales reps, processes the request, and then fulfills from one central location removing this cumbersome task from your desk and onto theirs. This unique tool comes with reporting capabilities, manager approvals (if necessary), and inventory control metrics.

Now, not all print managers are created equally. Do your due diligence and find out how long they have been in business. See if they have reviews or images of their actual work. If they pass these tests and you decided to engage in conversations with them, make sure they focus on your unique needs and have a plan to meet each and every one.

Commercial printing is an important component of sales and marketing and must be treated accordingly. Print managers have the expertise and knowledge to handle this task for you and maximize ROI. If you have any questions on how a print manager can help you, call us at Presslink and let’s talk about it.

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