Need help with a new piece? That’s why we’re here.

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When our customers have an item that needs to be printed, it generally falls into one of three categories. Repeat job with the same specifications as last time. Repeat job with some minor modifications. Or a brand new print job with undetermined specifications. Now, the first two are fairly simply to get to the finish line but the third may require some expert print analysis and recommendations – and that’s right up our alley.

Recently, I sat down with a long time customer to discuss a small new project. They had artwork but needed some advice on production specs. For the purpose of this story, I will focus on 3 criteria that were important to them. 1) It had to meet a small budget 2) Must be on recycled paper and 3) must meet a tight deadline. After examining the piece and considering all criteria we recommended a small change in dimensions to maximize printing efficiencies resulting in lower costs, a nice but cost efficient recycled paper, and reviewed our production schedule to make sure we hit the deadline. The end result met all of the customer’s needs and the piece was a hit.

The example above is how we approach all new projects that need a little guidance. Our overall goal is to make it easy to do business with us and produce marketing pieces that maximize your ROI. If that sounds like the kind of partner you are looking for, please give us a call to see how we can make commercial print a little easier on you.

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