Lower your Print Costs AND Keep Messaging Effective

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Sounds impossible right? Reduce the bells and whistles of a print project and still hit your conversion goals? Where do I sign up for that bit of magic?? Well, you can sign up right here! There are many ways to reduce your print costs on a particular project and I’m not talking about reducing quantity or lowering price per unit. I’m talking about reviewing the specs, application, and conversion goals of a project and allowing one of our print experts to make some recommendations.

Recently, we were asked to review the production of a semi-annual catalog. The customer had been producing these catalogs with the same specs for the past 5 years. Application and conversion goals held tight but they needed to reduce the overall cost to fit a new lower budget. After reviewing all the details, we were able to recommend a few changes. Saddle stitch vs. coil binding, self-cover vs. thicker stock for the covers, no aqueous coating of any sort but printed on a gloss stock, and a lower weight paper. The customer agreed to the recommendations and we were able to accomplish 3 key items. First, we reduced his catalog cost by 40%. Second, we produced a fantastic looking piece. And third, the catalog achieved his conversion goals.

Can you reduce costs and stay effective, the answer is YES! Be sure to speak to print experts that will hear and understand your goals as well as walk you through each recommendation and make sure you understand before you move forward.

Call us if you need to discuss this very topic, our print experts are ready to help.

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