What Print Procedure??? It’s every man for himself!

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When discussing the benefits of a comprehensive print solution, one of the first questions we ask is “What is your current companywide print procedure”. More times than not, we hear, “What Print Procedure? It’s every department for themselves!” While occasionally it can be beneficial for a department to act independently, the efficiencies gained from a comprehensive print solution will translate into the re-deployment of man hours, lower pricing, and better, more consistent results.

Re-deployment of man hours – When each department has their own method of finding a printer they spend hours searching for the right facility to handle that particular project and at the best price. With a comprehensive print solution from Presslink, each department will know immediately to call us for any print job including corporate apparel and promotional products. Our project managers will immediately process the new print project and provide costs. The hours saved here can now be re-deployed to functions that will benefit the company in a much greater fashion than searching for the right printer.

Lower costs – When an individual department sends out requests for quotes they are faced with costs that are based off of their one off projects. With Presslink, we take into account the entirety of companywide printing and base our costs on this much higher volume. As they saying goes: There’s Strength in Numbers! Make sure you are leveraging companywide volume vs. department specific/ smaller jobs.

Better, more consistent results – While I’m sure each department is monitoring results, there is no comparison to centralizing production of all print projects. A comprehensive print management solution from Presslink will ensure all projects are managed and QC’d in a way that is consistent with company branding and quality standards. This level of consistency will aid in the successful promotion of your brand and product line.

If these results sound a little like what you are looking for in a Print Manager, please give us a call or request some info about our Print Management Services. Tell us how you are currently handling your print projects and let’s see if we can help to centralize this critical, companywide function.

Some of the most trusted brands trust their printing to Presslink.

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