Experience, a Critical Factor when choosing a Commercial Printer

By June 16, 2014 Blog No Comments

Commercial printing is an art. And like art, it takes years to develop the reputation and proper skill set to produce masterpieces. Over the years, we have heard countless stories from customers about print projects that were produced in a less than ideal fashion. “The color was not what we expected”, “The binding was off center” or “We received these 3 days late”. These are not uncommon occurrences when dealing with an inexperienced print partner.

When selecting a commercial printer, you need to look for experience and reputation. After those criteria are met and you present your project to the prospective printer, you should be expecting more of a consultative conversation regarding your print project. Listen for suggestions such as “This would look great if we run on an offset press!”, “A C1S with a UV Spot would really make this pop!” or “This piece is perfect for our facility with the perfector. This will help reduce costs and still produce a stunning piece of sales collateral”.

If you are not hearing these types of phrases from your printer, you should be. Years of industry experience allows Print Professionals, such as the ones at Presslink Printing, to look at all aspects of your print job and determine the best path to the best results. So when you’re ready for a more consultative approach, call us and let us show you how we can put our experience to work for you.

Some of the most trusted brands trust their printing to Presslink.

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