Choosing the Right Promotional Product

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Choosing the right promotional product to promote your brand can be difficult.  First and foremost, there are just so many to choose from (we should know we carry tens of thousands).  But then there is also the issue of professional appearance and customer engagement.  A good promotional product must be able to professionally display your company logo while at the same time, leave a lasting impression on the recipient.  While this may sounds difficult, there are some steps you can take to ensure a successful promotional product purchase.

In order to make sure your company logo will be positioned, sized and displayed on the product in a professional manner, make sure to carefully review a proof before you give the go ahead to decorate all of the items.  At Presslink, we have the ability to create virtual samples for you to review.  Virtual samples are a good way to see individual promotional products as well as an entire family of promotional items with your branding – we can often show single, multi-color, deboss and laser engraving decoration techniques via a virtual sample.  Virtual samples are quick and easy and, of course, we are available to answer any questions you may have and make any changes, if necessary, prior to production.

Customer engagement is another priority when choosing a promotional product.  When we say customer engagement, we are referring to the ability of the product to make a real impression on the recipient.  While not all promotional items are intended to be clever, it is worth noting that if you can achieve some level of engagement, a recipient is more likely to recognize your brand in the future.  So take some time to think about the message you are trying to convey and who you are trying to convey it to.  Make sure your branded product leaves a lasting impression.

At Presslink, we have the experts to help you achieve these goals and promote your brand in an efficient manner.  So give us a call and walk us through your target customers and objectives.  Let us choose some examples from our large selection of promotional products and we can start to narrow them down to the perfect promotional product for your company.

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