Presslink Does So Much More

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Presslink is a commercial printer in Texas that can provide for a businesses print needs. But, it is so much more.  This is a company that can also provide marketing products to expand your business. It provides direct mail, corporate stationary and forms, but also provides pens, drink-ware and golf items as well as corporate branded apparel. It is said that a person will need to see something seven to 10 times before they actually remember it. That is what corporate branded items, like shirts, pens, and cups, are for – to get people to remember you.

Not only will they remember your company, they will associate positive feelings with your brand. Nothing is a better advertiser than someone using a pen with your company’s name on it. A good pen will change hands several times, meaning more people will see your brand. An average person will look at their drink-ware several times while drinking. Whether it’s disposable or reusable drinkware, the user will associate positive moments with your brand while using it. Someone wearing a shirt with your company’s name on it is truly a walking billboard.

You can think big with Presslink too. Presslink can arrange conference and event ad specialties and can provide a number of trade show and large format items including signs, banners, table throws and runners, display and exhibit structures. It’s important to stand out at a trade show or conference. The wow factor will get people to your booth. A beautiful display with an impressive banner will not only get them there, but help them remember you afterward.
Solid marketing isn’t just printing business cards. It’s creating a brand and this company is the best around at creating brands.

There’s also a practical side to business and this company can help with that too. Presslink has IT solutions that provides assistance with office machines, imaging supplies, and warehouse automation. People want doing business to be easy. Here, it is. Using Presslink is simple and easy because it has a corporate E-store where you can order company branded items on the web, as well as ordering print-on-demand. The E-store also has access to inventory management, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution. There are few companies that offer such an array of services and make obtaining those services so easy for the customer. That’s what makes Presslink different from all the rest. The benefits far outweigh the cost of services because the time you will save by using one company for all your commercial printing and marketing needs will mean more money in your pocket and less stress on yourself. That means you can spend time attending to all the new customers you will have.

Some of the most trusted brands trust their printing to Presslink.

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