Direct Mail Services Bring in the Results

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Even in today’s e-commerce world, there is still a high value to be found in direct mail campaigns. Since direct mail services allow you a variety of mail piece format to choose from and the ability to target a specific group of individuals, direct mail is a fantastic marketing tool.

Direct Mail is a Strong Tool in Your Marketing Arsenal
A direct mail piece offers several advantages over an email only campaign. First, it is a tangible product. Being able to hold and read a direct mail piece leads to a stronger connection with the customer and the message becomes more effective. A mail piece can take several forms from a small postcard for a quick message all the way up to a full brochure for a detailed campaign. This variety allows a level of versatility that can help you better shape your message and offer.

The U.S. Postal Service states that 98% of recipients retrieve the mail everyday. This is further refined by 77% percent of people sorting the mail right away. That means your direct mail piece has a high probability of being seen quickly. Another consideration is the easier measuring of campaign results because you do not have to rely on complicated web analytic tools.

A Partner for Your Direct Mail Needs
The initial stages of creating a direct mail campaign are pivotal in ensuring the program’s success. Presslink has over two decades of experience in providing mission critical printing and mailing services for your regional, national and global business mailing needs. Adding value is our priority. When you come to us with a direct mail campaign, we skillfully evaluate each and every project. This allows us to not only understand your business goals and objectives, but also to recommend the best methods of printing and mailing for your project.

Our printing and mailing facility utilizes the latest industry technology to provide the highest class of service. From crisp, high definition printing through high speed addressing and mailing, Presslink will get your campaign off the ground in no time.

Why Presslink is Your Best Choice
We provide the widest range of print production capabilities and integrated direct mail solutions for your business. Our mission is to supply expert printing industry information, products, and services in a manner relevant to the growth of our clients’ businesses. Plus, we can be as flexible and as effective as you need us to be when it comes to getting your projects completed.

From list purchasing up through actual mailing, Presslink will work with you to help meet all your direct mail needs. We will work with you during every step of the campaign launch so that you achieve the best results possible.

Beyond direct mail services, Presslink is a subject matter expert in the categories of company wide managed print solutions, commercial and large format printing, digital printing, web and flexographic printing, promotional products, and corporate apparel, and we are equipped to deliver products and services which will meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Some of the most trusted brands trust their printing to Presslink.

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